Jung Yong Hwa ~ Nostalgia


We are standing at two different time. Here and there. Standing the hill over there. When you left far away from home, you will know how precious and comfortable where you use to be was. When a fear that you feel at some unfamiliar places get bigger, it is the time you can feel the comfort your home more than usual. Next Album, Concert, My fans and people who I work with. Thinking of the things, it makes me never be alone even when by myself. It is certain that I came quite away from my home, however, when I look at the hill over there it seems like over the hill there is a stage to sing and there are people who wait for me. Somehow, I think that brings me up more nostalgic feelings than thinking of family., friends and home. The things that came out when I sometimes think of my childhood. The memory when I played basketball with my friends, get sweaty and laid down on a sand, caught my breath then when I opened my eyes the sunshine dozzled me. This sand and bright sunshines make me get into nostalgic mood. Looking at ocean, caught in nostalgic feelings, missing my home. All things that are unfamiliar. Things that come into new music. Missing faraway place, the feeling I can’t figure out. While traveling, I met my past. And that is the moment when I feel the most delight. Now, I miss my routine, but wouldn’t I miss here when I get back to my daily life ? Here where the place is calm, no one else and the only thing I hear is the roar of the waves. I like rainy days. It makes me relaxed. But it doesn’t mean I hate sunny days. Walking here feels great though. Wandering at the end of this road, there could be my home. The last moment of traveling has always had regret. But when I go back home and open the door is the moment when I consider as the most attractive part of traveling. Feelings that when I face with my door, day, life. Ah…. Finally I came back ! TRAVELING. Evoke nostalgic feelings, Memories…. Nostalgic to day.


Lee Jong Hyun ~ Shelter


Korea, Japan. Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore… Such a busy life. When I wake up in the morning. I’m sometimes confused with where I am. I want off to somewhere with my guitar. Just like my wanderer. Freely! Unfamiliar place, people, language,. Even the smell of a wind is unfamiliar. Here where everything is unfamiliar is actually for me, it is the most comfortable shelter. Like Bachmann’s verse, I want off to somewhere else. If I do, Will it be feeling like now ? Ocean, wind, sunshine and a sound from far way that I could hear when I close my eyes. A music that nature made. It would be such a great harmony if I had brought my guitar here. Dreaming. Gazing at the ocean. Delaying all the things that I have to do and just watching the ocean. Regarding it as something very important. Korea’s ocean, Japan’s, American’s, Sydey’s. They’re the same ocean but each has different mood. Your music, my music, our music are all same music but all different. They all lead to one big thing but feels like all different. All same music but all different. It is not a familiar place but it feels famliar. It is maybe because the sound of the waves. It brings up the memory of my childhood. If you left ? Then just enjoy your travel. Forget your real life. What so for ? Let’s play ! the reason why I like traveling ? Isn’t it sufficient only with that I broke my routine ? Sometimes we do need a shelter. And that’s why we want to travel. That’s doesn’t mean real world has changed, but we do have sometimes when we want to pass off day. Great leader Yonghwa, gentleman Jungshin, and kind Minhyuk. It is hard to meet like this but we even do the band and music together. I always wonder how I be seen in here. If I pick my favourite things this time, I would pick sunshine and wind ? Oh, also ocean ! I have far to go when travel is over but I still like my stage. And my guitar. Maybe, forever? Realized that this moment another short escape from my day. Therefore it was more special and precious. And I realized that this moment is also another real world


Kang Min Hyuk ~ Experience

                My heart pounded with excitement. I want to welcome all the unfamiliar things around me. When we go off for travel, even walking became something special. Every moment that don’t want to lose. If I can, I want to stop the time and enjoy the most of them. All these new things. Sparsely wooded road, green lawn….. and dazzling sunshines seem surprisingly fresh. How wonderful would it be if I could make friends at this unfamiliar place? Want to have some coffe with my friends. At this unfamiliar place. Nap will be great, and just dreaming away all day. We could learn something when we travel. A travel that we wish to face new things is maybe an experience to have enjoy when we get back to our daily life. Whenever. Whenever I go back there is someone to greet me and have a date, where I feel the most comfortable and love. That’s why I am traveler not the wanderer. Perhaps when this travel ends, could I be more grown up ? Pack new things that changed to used ones and go back.


Lee Jung Shin ~ Healing

                A new scenery when I open eyes …. When I close my eyes then it suddenly dissapears. Warm sunshines. All busy things arround me that are nothing to do with me. Enjoying my time to the fullest and walking on the road. Traveling for me is healing. Approaching to different world and want to be like them. Roads that are washed away with rain and wet leaves, romantic moments, feels like all things were prepared for me. Rainbow. Rain stopped. Sun will soon come out. I feel great. Walk down the road of nowhere but I am not nervous. I want to see the rainbow. Run to ‘Buddies’ on green grass. Hey Buddies! Let’s play with me. Oh… they’re all gone. Hahaha Why so serious ? If it is not happy, why do you do it ? You have to think simply. Don’t worry. Everythings gonna be OK. Always. I pray for you … I send my healing to you ? Did you get it ? Nothing so special but I feel great. Maybe this is a present that traveling give us. Get away from complicated routine and just walk and walk. A friend I met at there. Hello, what’s your name? A taste of street makes me more excited. When I go back, I will tell you more. Just wait for a moment.

what i write is what i feel